Self Introduction

Alessandro is a highly accomplished educator and designer. He hold a Master’s of Education and he is
PreK-12 certified Art teacher. Alessandro has successfully earned IB Visual Arts and AP Art & Design certifications. He has also served as an Associate Professor at Raffles University, an Asian-based university specializing in Design. Alessandro is particularly passionate about the intersection of traditional and modern media and the role that education can play in bridging cultures.

(if you are in China, you’d need VPN to watch this clip)

Alessandro became an Associate Professor through extensive research and on-the-ground application of Multiple Intelligence combined with Project/Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Learning-by-Doing. He has also spent several years working in the e-Learning field and has developed smart platforms.

Alessandro has received numerous certifications for his expertise in design evaluation, project-based learning in the arts, and teaching critical thinking through art. He has been teaching art and design in China since 2004, and has held various leadership roles such as Program Director, Director, and Head of Department.

Thanks to his proven leadership skills, Alessandro has successfully helped colleagues develop and be promoted while ensuring that students benefit from a cohesive team and are accepted by some of the most prestigious art, design colleges and universities in the world.

Alessandro’s career began as Program Director of the Graphic Design and Interactive Media program at Raffles Design Institute attached to Changchun University. Ten years later, he moved to the China HQ in Dong Hua University in Shanghai. During his time at Raffles Education Corporation, he served as Director for International Relationship, Director of the Corporate Training project, and Founding Member of Raffles Academy.

Alessandro is deeply committed to promoting Chinese art and design. He founded the blog APERTURETWO.COM to share the beauty of modern and traditional Chinese art and design with the Italian public. In 2015, he was one of the founders of ASSOCIATION OF ITALIAN SCHOLARS IN CHINA (AAIIC), and he is an active member of the ITALIAN DESIGN ASSOCIATION operating in China.

In 2021, Alessandro was appointed to the Global Advisory Board of ARTFOLIO.IO, an established arts ecosystem that nurtures young and upcoming artists in Singapore and beyond.

Currently, he serves the Senior Leadership team as Deputy Head of Studios after having served for 4 years as Head of the Creative Arts & Design Department at HUITONG SCHOOL (formerly known as Whittle School & Studios) in Shenzhen, South China.