Students’ works

(always in progress)

HUITONG fashion show! Enjoy the 2024 edition

HUITONG fashion shows! Enjoy the 2023 edition

Welcome to the HUITONG BIONIC Fashion Show 2023! In this breathtaking intersection of technology, nature, and fashion, our student designers unravel the untamed spirit of the wild, and the bold allure of the unknown. 

Check out this link and enjoy the news about the 2022 edition!

“LOOk AT THE STARTS” Fantastic end of 2021-2022 first semester Art Exhibition

This exhibition wishes to highlight the learning outcomes of most of the projects that teachers and students in my Creative Arts & Design Department have imagined, created, and realized during this first semester of 2021-2022 school year.

A selection of works from students representing all the grades and divisions as well as various areas of the Arts:

Fine Art & Craft, Painting, Ceramics, Architecture, Animation, Sculpture, Multimedia, Installation, Photography.

High School: Rotoscope Animation (if you are in China, it needs VPN)

High School students have been working on individual and personal projects. Some of the students are preparing their portfolios for entry to higher education. It is exciting to see the many different approaches and techniques adopted to communicate ideas and feelings.  

Students in the Graphic Communication Course are working on enhancing their portfolio by doing a simple Rotoscoping Animation and preparing for a more complex one, by creating the storyboard at first.

Lower School: CITYSCAPE project

In Grade 4, students have produced some amazing posters inspired by Cityscape artist ANDY BURGESS. The goal was to create 2D or 3D by using different media and materials, mostly recycled. Enjoy the slideshow!

Middle School: Typography Zentagles!

From drawing to production, to wearable fashion! Enjoy the slideshow!