ART ++

My Academic Methodology

Being a trained and certified PBL expert in the Arts, I have built this culture in the Creative Arts & Design Departments I led so far. And it worked! Students have been able to enhance not just their practical skills btu also their creative thinking capacities.

That is why I call it “Art ++” (plus plus). Because it is really a boosting approach to the way students learn arts.

Here are some interesting ideas on how to better develop this approach.

I always wish to make sure that, in my department, we strive to provide mental, emotional, and practical skills to our students, to allow them to produce creative outcomes. I wish me and my Team to focus on diverse ways to generate ideas, creative thinking, and their applications.

One of the keys to success has been the deep integration between the above-mentioned Problem Based Learning in the Arts with Multiple Intelligence introduced by Howard Gardner in 1983. This means that every Art & Design project will have to include at least two or more of the Intelligences as they are described in the image below.

I also embed in my lesson plans and in my department culture some of the Thinking Routines developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

A particularly good one for the Arts is the SEE, THINK WONDER.

In this video I present in more details my points (if you are in China, please use VPN).


An effective way to assess both my leadership and creative skill would be to look at the works done by the Educators I lead and the Students I teach.

Here are some for you to enjoy: