Seminars & Speeches

During all these years spent working in the Education, Art, and Design fields, I have had the chance to share my thoughts and experiences with both young talents and more senior players.

Here are some of my latest keynotes:

The 6th Top International Development of Educators

I took part at the 6th edition of TIDE (Top International Development of Educators) hosted in Shanghai, I have challenged an audience that has been bombarded with interesting concepts about AI in education, with the provocation that, although AI is becoming more and more sophisticated, is still far from being a decent AC (Artificial Creativity). Which makes Arts in education an even more fundamental subject. I first guided the audience to a journey into what “creativity” is through Steve Jobs’s idea that creativity is connecting all things, as well as Sir Ken Robinson’s definition of creativity in education.: “Creativity is the process of having original ideas…which comes from communicating through interdisciplinary means.” Indeed, Leonardo Da Vinci five hundred years ago was already creating by connecting different disciplines. I have then shared the “ART++” teaching method, an innovative bilingual education method designed to strengthen art teaching and learning, by putting creativity and problem-solving skills first, and by integrating traditional teaching art techniques, modern technological tools, cultural awareness and interdisciplinary learning methods. I have at last demonstrated ART++ cross disciplinary approach and teaching results by sharing the whole process of Huitong School’s fashion show.




Fostering Creativity in Education


Fostering Creativity in Education (with workshop)
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UnionCeramics: the concept of luxury in Italian craft
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China-Italy Fashion Industry in the Post-Pandemic Era
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The Power of Art during Epidemic (online seminar which needs VPN if you are in China)