One of my strengths consists of the ability to connect academia with industry.

I particularly enjoy creating bridges between what students learn at school and the world outside, where they can start practicing what they acquired.
By doing so, I have had the chance to meet fantastic people and provide valuable opportunities for my students.

A few examples here for you:

Italian Design Association

As a member of this association of amazing designers mostly operating in the Great Bay Area in South China, we represent Italy’s most prominent value, Creativity, with events, speeches and installations.


In this project I was invited to talk about the importance of User Interface Design in those days that most of our life is facilitated by APPS and DEVICES. And, of course, I managed to integrate a some of my students and teachers works in the exhibition attached to the event.

The Great Bay Area (GBA) Fashion Awards 2021

I was appointed as one of the judges and the institution I represented was the only school in Shenzhen with a representative in the Committee. The rest were all people from the industry and Professors from prestigious universities in China.

Yongjin Wang / Dean of School of Fashion / Beijing Institution of Fashion Technology

Zhaofei Xiong  / Secretary of the Party Committee / Wuhan Textile University

Rong Yuan  / Secretary of School of Textiles and Fashion / Shanghai University of Engineering Science

 Professor Hong Wu / Vice President of SGIA / Shenzhen University

Hong Dai / Vice Chancellor / Xi’an Polytechnic University

Wenling Xiao / Professor of Academy of Arts & Design / Tsinghua University

Xun Hu / Vice Chancellor of School of Fashion Design & Engineering / Zhejiang Sci-tech University

Alessandro Antonicelli / Director of Creative Arts and Design / Whittle School & Studios

Yaoyu Wang / Founder DONG LIANG

Liye Gu / ON Time Show / ON Time show

Chuxuan Feng / CEO of HUASHENG MEDIA

In this video, the moment that I awarded the winners

Created Partnership with one of the Top 5 Fashion schools in the world

Due to my network and connections with the Italian Government here in China, I managed to create a strong partnership with Istituto Marangoni. At the presence of the Italian Consul General for South China, we signed on MoU and celebrated this strategic co-operation.

Shenzhen International Fashion Week

I managed to guarantee for my students an unforgettable experience by taking part to the Fashion Show organized by Istituto Marangoni, one of the TOP 5 fashion design schools in the world, during the SHENZHEN INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK.

On October 20th, 20 students attended a training at Marangoni school in preparation for their fashion show.
On October 27th, students performed as volunteers during the Marangoni Fashion Show. They received some pocket money and a lovely certificate useful for their portfolio.

Preshow training:

The Day of the Show:

Italian Design Day

I was invited by the Italian Government to join a prestigious event in Shenzhen within the worldwide celebrated Italian Design Day, as the official host of the event.

The Italian Design Day is the annual theme-based review launched in 2017 by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration and with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

Every year, to mark the occasion, one hundred different testimonials become the narrators of Italian design and creativity throughout the rest of the world.

The theme of the 2021 Italian Design Day is “Project and materials: new challenges for the sustainable recovery of the Made in Italy” and it is closely linked to the proactive capacity of Italian design and the extended Made in Italy system to think up ever newer development scenarios, capable of overcoming self-referential rhetoric and keeping the improvement of our lives and the protection of the planet at the center of what is on offer.